Surplus SM is a liquidation center that offers a multitude of products. Our staff find the best purchases to make to satisfy their customers with discounts from surplus inventories, end of lines, store bankruptcy, etc.

Among our liquidation items we have; workwear, toys, household items, electronic products, etc. We also have regular products such as a wide variety of tools of all kinds to satisfy all our customers. Our inventory is constantly renewed by our team. Whether for residential, commercial or industrial needs, we are here for you!

Through our activities, we help promote environmental values ​​by preventing many new or slightly damaged products from entering landfills. Recycling products also helps reduce the environmental impact of producing new products.

More than 20 years ago, the founder of the company saw the potential of business. He opened the store and quickly built his clientele. Seeking a business opportunity in the region and seeing the high potential for success due to its development potential, Stéphanie Montour and Dominike Thibault acquired the company in October 2018.

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